Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Actual food growing at our place

The next Lynda Hallinan. 
So this happened today. One of my raised beds got planted out with wintery vegetables.

I've been spending all this time filling my garden beds with free materials like leaves, grass clippings, saw dust and coffee grounds, and today I decided it was time to bite the bullet and top up one of my beds with store bought compost and potting mix so I could get it planted.

I chose to plant the types of vegetables that we actually eat - kale, lettuce, spinach, broccoli and celery. I interspersed all these vegetables with leeks, to deter pests and because, leeks!

I'm going to try and reduce my grocery budget this week, to compensate for the money I spent on these vegetables and the compost and potting mix.

In other news, my feijoa trees are also planted. I planted the three Mammoth feijoas that Ben and Mel gave me a week ago, after spending endless days digging ivy roots out of the ground. Around the trees I've spread my own homemade mulch to help retain moisture and feed nutrients into the soil.

Today I bought a companion fejoa tree, Triumph, and planted it. This should cross pollinate nicely with the three Mammoths. 

The Triumph is very tall and spindly compared to the Mammoths. I'm wondering if I should prune it down a bit. 

Are there any feijoa experts out there who can advise me on this? My thinking is that I should prune to encourage root growth. But then it does seem good that the tree is tall already, as it might be able to catch a bit more sun with its extra height.

To prune or not to prune? 


  1. Yay! Hope you get the other beds filled up soon too! Look out for free bulk organic matter.

  2. Yay! Hope you get the other beds filled up soon too! Look out for free bulk organic matter.

  3. I have been the ultimate scavenger, taking other people's leaves and grass clippings. The people at the local coffee shops know me and call out whenever they have spent coffee grounds for me. I feel a bit cheeky, since I don't even drink coffee.


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