Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A typical school lunchbox

This is what a fairly standard school lunchbox looks like in our house. We use these Nude Food Movers because they fit everything we want in them, have separate compartments so we don't need plastic wrap, and are easy for the kids to open and find their food. Each child has a different coloured lunchbox, so they don't get mixed up.

This is L's school lunchbox from today:

In the end compartment, she had a small container of home-made jelly and peaches, plus a large mandarin. The small jelly containers come with the Nude Food Movers, so they fit perfectly.

In the middle compartment, which is sandwich size, L had a homemade chocolate smoothie in a small Kai Carrier. (Her smoothie contained banana, greek yoghurt, kefir, cocoa powder, maca powder and whey protein isolate. I pop the smoothie in frozen, and it defrosts ready for lunchtime.)

In the end compartment, which is split into two, she had a boiled egg white (she doesn't like the yolk) and a homemade banana chocolate chip muffin (yes one of the muffins I baked on Sunday). I tend to put something savoury in one of these end compartments, and something sweet in the other.

So that's a very typical lunch around here. Smoothies are staples in the centre, and then some kind of fruit goes in at one end, and some baking and savoury food goes in at the other. L used to have ham and cucumber sandwiches, which I would fit on top of her smoothie pouch, but she has gone off sandwiches and I'm struggling to find a good replacement.

Any ideas? Let me know in the comments.

Note: I have not been paid to mention any of the products in this post, they just happen to be the products we use and love. 


  1. Yum! wish you made my lunch. We usually take leftovers for lunch at work. On the weekends if we are out and about i take chopped up cheese, salami, carrot, cucumber, olives and fruit. Bread really doesn't agree with me so no sandwiches here either :)

    1. Is that even with the soaked bread you make yourself?

  2. My girls declared that they don't like sandwiches a few months ago. Now I eperiment with pizza scrolls, puff pastry triangles filled with a spinach feta ricotta mix or roasted pumpkin red onion and cheese mix, or sausage rolls jam packed with extra veggies. All freeze well and if I keep the variety in there, they continue to be eaten! Just a few ideas!
    I'm loving your blog. Keep up the good work and inspiration.


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