Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our new house - the bedrooms

We're settling into our new home nicely. I'm feeling myself relax into home ownership, which is something I enjoy a thousand times more than renting. I'm a nester, a home-body, so having my own little nest puts a song in my heart.

Although we haven't quite finished unpacking, we are close enough that I can share a few photos with you.

Today I'm sharing the bedrooms. We have three of them, all upstairs. Paul and I are in the master bedroom, the girls are sharing the middle-sized bedroom (although it's still pretty small), and baby J is in the littlest room.
Master bedroom.
I love the freshly painted white walls and dark gray carpet around the house. It's exactly what I would have picked if I had been renovating. The house didn't have any window coverings when we purchased, so I had plain white roller blinds installed in the bedrooms. I love how crisp and open the windows look with the blinds rolled up.
Baby J's bedroom.
The Lego table and Lego storage in baby J's room. Everyone plays in here.  
Baby J's wardrobe.  
Upstairs hallway - where all the knick knacks ended up. 
Girls' bedroom. 
The loft bed has loads of built-in storage, perfect for small bedrooms. 
Stairs leading up to top bunk. 
Top bunk in girls' bedroom.   
I was worried about the window next to the top bunk, but it actually works out great. It brings natural light and ventilation to both beds and looks out over our completely private yard.

View of our yard from the top bunk. 
Storage in drawers leading up to top bunk.
Girls' wardrobe and chest of drawers. 

So those are our bedrooms. Next time I will share with you photos of our itty bitty kitchen, and some of the storage solutions I've come up with in there.


  1. Love your storage solutions Emma! And welcome to the neighbourhood! Love having you close!

  2. Lovely to see you settled. Congratulations Emma, your rooms looks great too. Looking forward to a visit. X Libby

  3. Looks great Emma, I know what you mean about having a house of your own, I hate renting :( so happy that you're back in your own home!

  4. your idea of having roller blinds is nice, because Window blinds can be used in any room of the house whether a lot of light or a little is needed blinds serve the purpose for both situations.


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