Sunday, September 21, 2014

National didn't go

National won the New Zealand election. I didn't cry, but I also didn't sleep well.

I'm so gutted about this, but I'm going to share a lovely, uplifting post that my friend, Catherine, wrote on Facebook this morning. It helped me swallow the bitter pill...
"Feeling a bit disappointed about the election result not going how I hoped it would. But I still have hope. The leaders of our nation have been chosen by the people and I love that we live in a country where that is able to happen.  
"I am a little concerned that some of the issues that were important to me when considering my vote may not be addressed in the way I hoped they would.  
"Those issues for me are: closing the gap between the very rich and the very poor; and ensuring that the Kiwi kids living in poverty are looked after. If those issues are also important to you, no matter who you vote for (and I believe every vote is valid - we all want the best for NZ, there are just different ways of doing it), election time is not the only time you can make a difference.  
"If you are able, you can donate time or money to organisations such as Kids Can or the Auckland City Mission, or donate food to local food banks.  
"You can support businesses that are working towards offering a living wage to all their employees like The Warehouse and write to those who are not and explain to them why you think this issue is important and how it influences where you spend your money.  
"Vote with your wallet!  
"But most of all, you can offer hope to those around you. Smile at everyone you come across and encourage them if you can because you never know what they are going through.  
"New Zealand is more than the government that runs it. It's the people that live in it."

Isn't that just beautiful? I hope you're as inspired to action as I am. Bless you all. And thank you Catherine for easing the tight knot in my chest that was preventing me from sleeping.


  1. Hey thanks for sharing this, it gives me hope when I see other people want to see the changes that I do, and are prepared to try to make a difference!

  2. Thanks this gives me hope. I was also very disappointed with the results I had really hoped for change but it is amazing that we live in a democratic country were all our voices count and we all have a choice. We can make a difference ourselves in our lives and those around us. NZ is still paradise Mx

  3. Yes I was horrified that so many miss out on improving their lives or getting ahead.It never occurred National would romp in.I always assumed someone would be in coalition to keep them transparent.I worry about the deal done behind our backs of the TPP and wonder what else will they do now


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