Friday, February 21, 2014

Take part in the Green Urban Living Autumn Challenge

Summer is almost over. Boohoo.

But it's OK, because Janet Luke from Green Urban Living has come up with an Autumn Challenge that will get us excited about the change of seasons.

You may remember I recently reviewed Janet's book, Backyard Bounty, and told you how I was so inspired by Janet's vision of what backyard gardening could look like that I planted two fruit trees in the garden of the house we're renting.

Well, it's like Janet read my review and came up with this Autumn Challenge especially for me and all the other urban homesteaders like me.

Here's what it's all about...
The aim of the Green Urban Living Autumn Challenge is to create a personalised green revolution for every person. The Challenge will help us all find and provide a range of "green nuggets" to help us in our daily lives. Become part of the solution to tap into and grow a community using technology to share ideas, successes, failures, hopes and questions.   
A range of great weekly prizes are up for grabs. A who’s who of green champions have been asked to judge each weekly prize including Te Radar, Tony Murrell, Lynda Hallinan, Malcolm Rands, Annah Stretton, NZ Ecochick and Wendyl Nissen
Email Janet here  (info @ greenurbanliving . co .nz) to get the poster and Challenge instructions delivered to your inbox. 

Good luck and have fun!

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