Thursday, July 4, 2013

Life right now

This sure is a crazy time in our life, with Paul commuting to Auckland each week for work while we wait for someone to buy our Wellington house so the rest of us can move up. If the house doesn't sell soon, we'll rent it out instead.

I have to say, I'm not handling the stress well on my own. The last couple of weeks were better. Paul had to go away for three weeks, so the girls and I took a holiday down to the South Island to visit family there. Having other adults around to share the load made life so much more doable.

While away I read a couple of great parenting books which helped me gain perspective on what I'm trying to accomplish with our children.

Now I find myself back home in Wellington in a bit of a no-mans' land.

This week we've been in the sad process of saying goodbye to life here. L had her last day at Kindergarten on Tuesday, and our family has its last day at Playcentre tomorrow. I've also finished up singing for our church band, something I'll really miss.

Last night a lovely friend invited us around for a playdate and dinner. We all had such a wonderful time. L wanted to do it all over again today. If only.

We're all heading up to Auckland next week to have a look around at rental properties there. Paul is anxious we find somewhere to live soon, since our baby boy is due to arrive in 10 weeks.

On a positive note, I did manage to paint our staircase-rail this week, which is an infinite improvement on how it looked before. We've also had a new picket fence and letterbox put in, which really helps with street appeal. Plus they give me warm fuzzy feelings every time I come home. The old fence was in such a bad state, it bugged me constantly - even when I wasn't looking at it.

So that's our crazy life at the moment. I'm trying to count our blessings and trust in God, but some days that just doesn't come easy.


  1. Thinking of you, Emma!! You are amazing. Praying that it all comes together for you really soon. xx

  2. you are doing so well Emma! Thinking of you...

  3. Challenging time for sure. Hope things fall into place soon.



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