Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life with two little girls

It seems like all of a sudden Miss S is a little girl. I came in the kitchen door this morning and had to do a double take because I thought Miss S was Miss L. She was standing on a stool next to the kitchen bench and looked so grown up, it took my breath away.

Kitchen helpers

Because she is growing up before my eyes, I'm making a more conscious effort to include Miss S in my kitchen activities.

This was my view across the kitchen bench this morning:
Two girls helping me make soaked banana muffins and bread.

I was hoping to be able to share a recipe for soaked banana bread with you today, but I'm just not having any luck with it. A lovely reader sent me the recipe and I've tried to make it twice now, but it just doesn't seem to work for me in my funny oven.

Never mind. I had fun baking with my girls all the same. I also discovered that they both love eating pieces of frozen banana. It was like ice cream to them - they couldn't get enough. New healthy snack up my sleeve - check!

Mung beans

This week I nominated Miss L as our mung bean manager.

Every morning and evening she helps me water our mung beans and drain the water off again. We take a close look at the mung beans each time, to see how much they've sprouted.

It's made her more willing to eat mung beans too, which is great as sometimes I worry she doesn't eat enough vegetables. (What parent doesn't?)

Miss L throwing back a handful of mung bean sprouts.

Mini gardeners

We've had splashes of good weather lately so I finally tackled the weeds in my garden.

It's been nice having the girls around for this too. They're not as much trouble as I thought they would be, in fact Miss L is downright helpful. And Miss S especially seems to love copying whatever Mummy does.

Miss L weeding our lemon tree.

Miss L tipping her weeds into the compost bin.

Miss S eating parsley seeds (not copied off Mummy).

So that's how life looks around here at the moment. What's happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. so cute! Can't believe how much they've grown since I started following your blog, I feel like I know them :) Shame about the banana bread, I tried the one in NT and it didn't work, then I read on a blog that several people had the same problem, so think that recipe doesn't work! So I hope you've got one that has been proven to work :)

    1. The person who sent me the recipe has modified it from the Nourishing Traditions one and it works for her. I think I made it too wet this time so no matter how long I cooked it for, it was still gooey in the middle. Just got browner on top.
      Last time it was slightly gooey, brown on top and tasted too much of baking soda.
      I'm rethinking things and going to try making sprouted flour instead and then I'll just use a regular banana bread recipe that I know works.

      The girls are even cuter in person. Hopefully you'll get to meet them one day. :)

  2. How gorgeous! And what a good way to get Lily to eat more vege's. If kids are involved in the growing, and cooking of their food, I guess they're more likely to eat it! Can't believe how quickly they've grown up! - R MacRae

    1. Sometimes it works getting Lily to make/harvest things herself - because then she eats them, but it's not a guaranteed winner. I think she must actually like mung beans. It helps that her oldest boy cousin likes them too because that means they must be cool.

      Not too long before you'll be thinking up tricks to get your wee girl eating veges. xx


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