Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eating from the Freezer and Pantry Challenge - Week 2

So I don't appear to be very good at sticking to menu plans, or sticking to shopping-at-home challenges in general. I'm too much of a free spirit.

Instead of doing no grocery shopping last week, I ended up shopping at more places than usual.

We went to the farmers' market on Saturday (which I think was a good idea because I got so many great deals on fruit and vegetables). Our freezer is now stacked with frozen bananas for smoothies that I bought for 99c/kilo because they were a bit spotty on the outside. I also bought a huge pumpkin and turned half of it into pumkin soup, so that replaced a couple of meals on last week's menu plan.

After the farmers' market I popped into Commonsense Organics and next thing I knew I had bought a loaf of scrummy soaked bread they were giving out tastes of. I also bought quinoa, pasta sauce and a few tins of Fair Trade coconut cream.

On top of that, we went to the supermarket to buy a few extra things for Sophie's birthday party and cake.
Matching Mummy and daughter face paint done by Daddy at the party.
Sophie's birthday butterfly cake. (I baked it, Paul and Lily decorated it.)

All in all, I don't think I saved anything on groceries last week. Whoops!

Hopefully this week will be better. I've decided not to do such a detailed menu plan this week; Just dinners (and we'll see how well I stick to that).

Menu plan

Monday: Beef stir-fry on rice - using leftover roast beef from the freezer, plus carrots and cauliflower from the garden, and capsicums and celery from the fridge.

Tuesday: Tuna pasta bake

Wednesday: Asian mince on rice.

Thursday: Paul and I are going to the Wellington Gold Awards because Minimonos is a finalist in the Creativity category. Woot! Lily and Sophie can eat leftover Asian mince on rice.

Friday: Lamb chops, roast vegetables, sautéed cabbage and carrots.

Saturday: Chinese chicken and cabbage (Destitute Gourmet recipe), using leftover roast chicken from the freezer.

Sunday: Leftovers from the fridge or freezer.

How are your menu plans shaping up?

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