Sunday, April 8, 2012

Holidaying in the Bay of Plenty

I've been hanging out at my sister-in-law, Kim's house in Te Puke for the last week, enjoying a lovely Easter vacation with Lily and Sophie, plus many of my in-laws.

Those of you who have been following Craving Fresh since its early days may remember my post about Kim's previous house and garden, which she and her husband sold a year ago to buy their current place.

This home was built 13 years ago by a family from Kim's church. Another family from the church built a house down the driveway, and the two families have always shared a common tennis court and swimming pool. That sharing tradition has continued now that Kim and her family have taken over here, which is really lovely.

Tomorrow the girls and I are heading up to our family bach in the Coromandel, but before we leave here I thought I'd give you a peek around Kim's gardens.

Lily biking on the deck.

Peaceful garden next to the dining room and lounge.
Swimming pool.
Tennis court.

Vegetable garden.

Sandpit nestled in the vegetable garden - Lily has spent hours out here.

Delicious feijoas! We timed our holiday right.

Pumpkins self-seeded out of the compost.


My niece, Kate, giving Kim a blueberry she'd picked.

We've had such a lovely holiday here. The weather has been gorgeous, and Kim's hospitality is second to none. I am truly blessed to have married into such a wonderful family.


  1. What a gorgeous garden. I love the idea of sharing the swimming pool and tennis court. And yum, those feijoas look great. We are at least a month away from harvesting feijoas down here. Glad you are having a nice break :)


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