Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Check out my mother-in-law's garden

Some of you may remember I featured my mother-in-law, Judy, on My inspiration Mondays a while back. She's awesome in so many ways; her garden is particularly outstanding.

I thought you might like to see how her garden is looking this summer, so I snapped some photos of it while we were holidaying with her over Christmas.

Judy's goal is to become as self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables as possible, so she's been expanding her food-producing gardens. She has also taken out a large Pin Oak tree that was shading her vegetable plots and fruit trees. In its place she has planted a Flatto Peach tree and a pumpkin plant.

Pumpkin plant and Flatto Peach tree planted to replace Pin Oak.
Hugelkultur garden.
Peas, corn, beans and more. 
Plum tree.
Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and broccoli.
Passionfruits, grapes and veges.
Those veges closeup.
Keep inspiring, Judy!


  1. not at all jealous *oh yes I am* what a wonderful garden - I wish I had the space and know how ;)

  2. Beautiful garden!!! I bet a lot of work has gone into that!

  3. Hello Emma,

    Lucky you to be able to visit this garden. Your MIL has done a wonderful job.
    Happy days.


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