Thursday, October 20, 2011


Last week I wrote about the dramas we've been having potty training Lily. I got so many helpful comments from readers, encouraging me not to stress about it and telling me Lily will potty train when she's ready.

Thank you for that friends. I've totally backed off and Lily is choosing to wear a nappy full-time again.

As part of last week's post, I offered a pack of DryNites nappies to one reader, who commented with a toilet training or bed-wetting story.
Congratulations to The Beales, who said:

"With Lucy, I had a similar story, she was on and off interested with potty training. I found what really made the difference in the end, was to buy some peal on / off stickers that Lucy LOVED (fairy ones) and put them next to the toilet. She was only allowed to look at them when she was sitting on the toilet. It worked a treat. Coupled with this, she got a jelly bean or similar small treat whenever she had a result in the toilet. xx

"Would love a huggies boy pack for Peter x"

Congratulations Beale family, you've won a pack of boys' DryNites, to help with Peter's toilet training.

Boys Drynites Pyjama Pants Free Sample

And thanks to DryNites for donating this prize.


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