Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fat girl fit

I have a dream.

I dream of getting my body back. (Disclaimer: "Back" being the operative word. I've never been super skinny like some people - I'm just not built that way - but I've certainly been a lot fitter than I am now.)

Now that I'm not pregnant and S is sort of settling into a sleep routine, I feel ready to focus on getting fit. Having two girls close together has certainly taken its toll on my body shape. As has chocolate.

Mmmmm. All worth it I think. But now change is a-stirring.

For the last few months I've been visualising myself running fast and powerfully down the streets of Island Bay to the beach.

Last Thursday I actually managed to get out and do it. The stars aligned for me: It was a beautiful sunny day, both girls were sleeping and Paul was home sick so could supervise them. (Sorry Paul that your illness was part of my stars aligning!)

I didn't think about it. I just squeeeeezed into a sports bra (boy, underwire feels weird after months of soft pregnancy/maternity bras), donned trackies/t-shirt/cap, laced up my trainers and set off into the bright afternoon.

And it felt good! I thought I would be all unstable and wobbly, but I felt fine.

The months of visualisation must have tricked my body into thinking I'm a runner. Also, I didn't repeat past mistakes of slogging it out at one speed. I interval trained, varying between a walk, a slow jog, a fast jog and a sprint. It kept things interesting and meant I could slow down to a walk when my lungs were screaming.

Later that afternoon I paid for it though, when my atrophied muscles realised the trick. I felt old and crippled.

By the next day I was all mended, and on Saturday I got another chance to run down to the beach. Actually, that felt harder than the first run. I guess my muscles were still reeling after all.

My plan is to run when I can - except for in the morning. Getting up is painful enough as it is; I don't want to try and get up even earlier to fit a run in. It would make me dread running, and I want this to be a fun experience.

I'm also not going to "diet". My reasons for not dieting still stand.

Here is an inspiration photo of past Emma - to show you the look I'm hoping to achieve. This photo was taken a month before I started dating Paul:

Still curvy, but more comfortable in my own skin. (And I'll ditch the pout, I promise!)

Thanks for your comments.

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  1. I love how you described your run, having a beach to run to would motivate me (it would prob take me 10 hours to run to the closest beach). Totally agree with your reasons for not dieting.

  2. Thanks Michelle.

    The destination definitely helps. Also peering at neighbours' houses and gardens along the way keeps things interesting for me. (Although that nearly ended in disaster the other day when I almost tripped in a pothole.)

  3. Very inspiring Emma. I am in awe of anyone who is able to run. I've never had the stamina to run, even when I was young I was hopeless at running. Hope you manage to get out and do more running. Do you have a double pram so you could go with the girls? I would be lost without my double urban mountain buggy - although as above, I only walk with it ;)


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