Monday, April 4, 2011

My inspiration Mondays - Eight Acres

I discovered the blog Eight Acres a few months back when Liz commented on one of my posts here at Craving Fresh. I've been hooked on her blog ever since.

She and her husband are doing the most amazing things to rehabilitate eight acres of Australian land into a self-sustainable small farm. They're raising chickens and steers, as well as growing a large vegetable garden.

I love reading about all the ingenious things Liz's husband builds for the farm, like this mobile chicken pen.

I also love reading about how Liz is tranforming lacklustre soil into rich, nourishing earth to grow her vegetables in, using the resources at her disposal. For example, you can read about how she makes compost and worm tea for her garden here.

If you're into the idea of living off the land, then this blog is for you. This couple obviously works so hard to be able to do something many of us only dream of.


  1. Wow! Thanks Emma! I've been a bit behind in my blog reading this week, but I do usually read yours as they come out. Its great to see what you can manage to do on a small block AND the values that you're passing on to your daughter (+the next bub). In case you didn't realise, I found your blog through Brendan, who I went to uni with. I grew up in Wgtn, so I sympathise with your gardening challenges. Keep up the great blogging!

  2. You're welcome! I think the work you and your husband doing is incredibly cool. I didn't realise you knew Brendan - those guys are amazing too. Keep up your writing. It keeps me dreaming big dreams :)


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