Monday, January 31, 2011

My inspiration Mondays - Beautiful teepees

Lately I've been admiring all these beautiful children's teepees online here and here:

I would seriously love to get one for L and baby girl number two (why yes, we're having another girl!), but I don't want to fork out $200.

So instead I put my thinking cap on and made a free, pull-apart substitute for L using things we already had at home.

How I made my teepee
I detached the hoop from the top of a mosquito net and tied several sarongs to it by their two corners at one end.

I also tied the sarongs to each other at the top and bottom to hold them together.

I tied one more sarong over the top of the hoop to create a roof. To this I tied some ribbon so I could attach the teepee to a hook on the roof.

On the floor I laid down several large cushions and pillows to give L somewhere comfy to sit.

The whole thing can be pulled apart if L gets sick of it or I want to use one of my sarongs again. In the meantime, it's a fun and colourful play area for my little girl.

I just love the beautiful light in there.


  1. Looks awesome Emma. Great idea and great creative thinking by you.

  2. Wow... you have inspired me. I have wanted one for my son for ages...

    time to get my thinking cap on too.

    Thanks :)

  3. Very cool Emma! Pity i've only got one Sarong! Your so clever :)

  4. Love all these teepees and yours has turned out beautifully - very creative thinking on your part!


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