Thursday, November 4, 2010

We're expecting number two

I have good news to share. We're expecting baby number two in about 6 months. Hurray! If my calculations are correct, there will be a 20 month gap between L and new baby - to be named Badger Fox if it's a boy and Paul gets his way. (Please use the comments box below to publicly outcry this name. None of my arguments are getting through to Paul, and he thinks because I chose L's name he can choose the boy's name. My only defense is to have another girl, but alas, I don't have much control over that.)

So far this pregnancy has been easier than my first. I haven't felt as unwell, just tired. Also, like the first time around, I've lost most of my interest in cooking. Still, food preparation doesn't make me as nauseas as it did with Lily, so I've been able to press on and make dinners anyway.

Menu planning
Since moving to Wellington I've been winging dinner each night, but we're spending way too much on groceries because of it. Today I'm determined to get back into menu planning. I'm going to look through my recipe books for inspiration, and try to use what we already have in the kitchen.

These past few weeks I've not been eating as healthily as I would like. When the sudden hunger/nausea hits, I've been able to control it by quickly eating toast or crackers - but these have been the store bought variety. Over the next week I'm going to experiment with some sourdough cracker recipes and I'll be sure to share any successes with you here. 

I've also been eating way too much chocolate, so need to get on top of that. I've been reading about Coconut Mama's sugar detox and wondering whether it would be safe for me to do the same thing in my pregnant state. Does anyone know the answer?

Last night I made a resolution to eat a salad for lunch each day, to make sure I'm getting a variety of vegetables into my diet. I'm going to try and work my way through the salads listed at Naturally Knocked Up's Whole Foods for the Holidays progressive dinner.

On the positive side, L and I have been eating a lot of fresh fish. The supermarket is walking distance to our house, so I've been buying lots of gurnard and cooking it up for our lunch. I find that gurnard doesn't have a strong fishy taste, and it's really easy for L to eat. Today I'm branching out and we're going to have a salmon fillet instead. I'm going to make a simple honey and soy marinade for it. We'll see how that goes down.

Time management
This week I've been inspired by Money Saving Mom's time management series so am going to think through my priorities and write down what I want to accomplish each day.


  1. Nice to see you blogging again and of course huge congrats from us once again! 20 months is the gap Katrina has between her boys - a double buggy will be great if you do lots of walking. I love my Mountain Buggy Urban double, would not be without it.

    I think if I was you I would just focus on eating healthily rather than trying to cut out all sugar as that would be really tricky. If you focus on whole foods you will cut out heaps of sugar anyway (sounds like you already eat this way).

    My downfall is chocolate, apart from that I feel I eat quite healthily. I've put on stacks of weight in the past couple of years after going gluten-free and through my pregnancy and in the last couple of months! So disheartening. I think my body is doing strange things now I am 30! I obviously cannot eat what I used to be able to get away with.

    Yum, that link to the salads is great.

  2. Congrats Emma! Consider this my public outcry to Paul's choice of names, though I do appreciate the sentiment of the middle name at least. If he doesn't see reason you could try veto power. ;-)

  3. Congratulations! Hope all goes well - and NO to the boy's name! Yikes! Hahaha!

  4. Congratulations Emma! What wonderful news...I agree with the name - no way! But it does sound like a great bump name. Our son (4.5) decided that my bump should be called Morris and that this would also be a great name if the baby was a boy. Luckily we had a girl! I have 18 months between my first two, its tough and tiring but very rewarding and the milestones skip along very quickly.

    Sugar detox - go for it, if it means cutting out refined sugar then its fine to do it while pregnant. I found that I had to have a bit of carbohydrate with each meal in order to keep my blood sugar even so I didn't bomb out but that I was easily able to do without refined carbs and sugar.


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