Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's tip: Save and reuse baking paper

Here's a frugal kitchen tip for you. If you've used baking paper to cook something reasonably dry, like cookies, crackers or breakfast muesli, then chances are the baking paper will be totally fine to use again. And again. And again.

Just wipe it off, fold it up and store it in a ziploc bag until next time. The ziploc bag will help to keep things tidy, especially if you have more than one sheet of baking paper on the go in there.

With this kitchen tip you will not only save the trees, but also your pocket.


  1. I like, I like! Thanks Emma :)

  2. i like this tip too!

  3. I do this. I thought I was the only one!

  4. I am new to your blog and looking at old posts so sorry if this is weird. I am from the states but living in New Zealand for the past year and something I have noticed is everyone uses baking paper - I have never used it in my life and have baked for a long time. Why do you need it? Why don't you just not use baking paper?

    1. Good question! Sometimes I don't use it, but where I do is usually when something will stick to the bottom of the pan if I don't, or might drip through the pan like with my springform cake tin, which isn't water tight.


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