Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our new house and garden

We officially got connected to the Internet today, just three weeks after we were expecting it. And I thought you all might be keen to see some pictures of our new (rented) house and garden. Just be warned, there is sooo much work to be done in the garden.

Here's our house as seen from the backyard:

And here's our backyard:

Here's where I'm going to plant my tomatoes:

I'm hoping this is an apple tree:

This is the corner at the front of the house where I hope to build a raised garden, once that shrub and ivy is removed:

I'll be sure to post updates, once I've actually got things growing here. Speaking of growing, here's one little moppet who's getting bigger and more clever every day:


  1. Lovely to see where you are now Emma! Sounds like you are settling in well? And look at your gorgeous girl!! Very sweet!

  2. Yay, so cool to see your new home. Hope you are settling in ok. Jodie.

  3. Wow your house and garden look huge! Good stuff! How are you settling in? And speaking of growing things, have you found out any more details of this bun you have in your oven?! Due dates etc?! Corina (Eldershaw)


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