Monday, November 29, 2010

Homegrown - Attracting bees

This week I planted broccoli seedlings and beetroot seeds in my third vegetable garden, so that is now fully planted. However, one of my zucchinis is looking yellow, so I may need to replace it with a back-up I have growing in a pot.

I didn't do any of my intended clearing of the backyard, instead I planted blue flowers along the edges of vegetable gardens one and two to attract bees. Lobelia went into both gardens, and in the raised garden I also planted three beautiful Blue Butterfly Delphiniums I fell in love with at the garden centre.

Our concrete retaining wall gained a few more trailing rosemary plants this week. You can see the existing herbs are thriving there.

I also spent a couple of hours getting sunburnt and clearing ivy off our stair railing. I'll be so glad when all the ivy is gone. It is my nemesis.

This week's upcoming project gallery is the same as last week's, so I won't post any new photos. If anything the backyard just looks more like a wilderness than it did a week ago. I'm finding it hard to get any solid work done out there as it's out of hearing distance of L's room so I don't want to do it while she's napping, but it's also too difficult if she's there "helping" (ie. pulling out the plants in my vegetable gardens).

Any tips from other parents?


  1. You could try using a baby monitor. Leave the transmitter in Lily's room and take the receiver (with batteries in it) outside with you.

  2. That's clever! Will have to see if anyone's got a baby monitor I can borrow.


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