Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday's tip: Freeze lemon juice

In the same vein as the first "Tuesday's tip" I shared, which was to freeze your surplus lemon zest, this week I recommend juicing your spare lemons and freezing the juice.
The most convenient way I've found to do this is to freeze the juice in ice cube trays, and then store the frozen cubes in a plastic container or ziploc bag in the freezer.
You may choose to keep a dedicated ice tray in the freezer, so you can juice your lemons on an ongoing basis, say if you've only used half a lemon for a recipe and don't want to waste the other half. Alternatively you can do a big juicing and freezing mission, if you've got more lemons than you know what to do with. (Zest the lemons first, as it's hard to do this once the lemons have been cut in half.)

The beauty of freezing your spare lemon juice is that you can take advantage of any cheap or free lemons you get, setting aside the surplus for later in the year when prices skyrocket again.
And if a recipe calls for a little bit of lemon juice, just take out the approximate number of cubes you need and defrost them. Easy!

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  1. I own several items they sell & they are all awesome. I could not believe how easy it was to get the ice cubes out of the tray. They just pop out. I also noticed when I was opening the package that the ice cube trays were oven safe, so I made little brownie bites in them. They can out wonderful!


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