Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's been cooking - 11 July 2010

Sunday: Steak!! (Leftover from Paul's birthday party.)

Monday: More steak!!! Along with a variety of other foods shared by our Monday bible study friends.

Tuesday: Dinner with the awesome Chu clan. Pork and lamb ribs, mashed potato, served with pear and spinach salad. Charles Chu's 'Manbrosia' for dessert... chocolate mousse, whipped cream, crushed Kit Kats, crushed Super Wines, mixed berries, a shot of Baileys. Decadent and delicious!)

Wednesday: Pizza and banana berry smoothie (made by my lovely husband because I just couldn't be bothered. Yeah, I have those days!)

Thursday: Roast organic chicken with roast turnips, golden kumara, potato and cauliflower, served with gravy and a side of orange and chickpea salad.

Friday: Steak sandwhich.

Saturday: Mexican rollups (made with leftover roast chicken and homemade wholemeal tortillas). Served with salad.

What's been cooking at your house? Use the comments box below to let me know.

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