Monday, June 14, 2010

My inspiration Mondays - Kris and Louise

My brother Kris and his wife Louise are inspirations to me because they have made God and family their top priorities in life.

In a time when the average family consists of 2.5 children, Kris and Louise are about to welcome their sixth. And they manage to support this family with Kris just working four days a week. He has dedicated the other working day to studying theology and interning at their church, so that one day he can be a minister full-time.
Our family

I've picked up a few Frugal Tips from Kris and Louise over the years. They are:
  • Buy and sell on Trade Me. If you don't need something anymore, sell it. If you want something you can't get in New Zealand, ship double the quantity in from overseas and sell the extras on Trade Me to cover your costs.
  • Use cloth diapers. Louise buys some and sews some too. She has also made up newborn cloth diaper kits that she rents out to new mothers. 
  • Garden. Despite renting, Kris and Louise have turned much of their property into vegetable gardens to bring fresh and spray-free produce into their diets.
  • Cook from scratch. Louise bakes a batch of bread or cinnamon rolls each day and cooks the vast majority of their dinners with fresh ingredients (not packet mixes).
  • Bike to work/Walk to school. Kris and Louise only have one car so they have deliberately rented a house that is walking distance to the kids' school. When Louise is not heavily pregnant, she's able to walk the kids to school and back. This saves on petrol and brings fresh air and exercise into their day. Kris cycles to work so that Louise can have the car if she needs it.
I think Kris and Louise are doing a great job with what they've been given. And they make really gorgeous kids!
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