Friday, June 25, 2010

How to make toxin-free dishwashing powder

As I've said before, I like to use cleaning products that are free of dangerous toxins and chemicals. Up until recently I've been buying Eco-Store cleaning products because I know they are safe to use. Unfortunately, with a new tight grocery budget, it's a lot more difficult to pay for expensive natural cleaners.

For this reason I have been investigating how to make my own simple cleaners. I've already given you the recipe for an all-purpose spray cleaner I make, and now want to share the recipe for a homemade dishwashing powder I've started using.

  • 1c borax
  • 1c baking soda (AKA bicarbonate of soda)
  • 1/4c citric acid.
Sift ingredients together, stir to thoroughly combine and transfer into an airtight container. I'm storing mine in an old Eco-Store dishwashing powder container, as it's convenient to pour from.
Use approximately 2T of powder per wash and accompany with white vinegar as a rinse aid. 

I've only tried this mixture a few times but it seems to do a good job. I generally rinse everything before sticking it in the dishwasher and this helps prevent baked-on nastiness, so I don't know how good it would be if you didn't rinse first.

We also have a packet of Powerballs in our cupboard that I haven't used since making this new mixture, but I'm sure will make an appearance again when we're needing extra grunt. I'm hoping to wean our family off using Powerballs though.

Note: I found all the ingredients to make this dishwashing powder at Bin Inn, where I was able to buy them in bulk. 


  1. When I make my own home I'm totally going to refer to everything in this blog, Mrs. Abraham AKA Domestic Queen.

  2. It would be better to stir this to combine as shaking things up is actually more likely to separate the parts further, here's a video of a physicist explaining th phenomenon

  3. That is so interesting! Thanks for sharing that.

  4. you can also use clarkes washing soda in the dishwasher and still use white vinegar for the rinse aid.

  5. when I make mine I put it in the whizzer....but I rinse in a seperate bowl with a dash of vinegar...I think adding vinegar to the washing water would neutralise the cleaners, so I rinse seperatley...
    great your blog


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