Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's been cooking - 9 May 2010

I had to juggle this week's menu plan around a little bit as we decided to go grocery shopping mid-week, so ate fresh fish that night instead of on the weekend like I had planned. I just moved all my other meals back a day and life carried on as planned.

Sunday: Dinner at my mother-in-law, Judy's home. Roast chicken, kumara mash, salad. Feijoa crumble. (Kumaras and feijoas grown on her property.)

Monday: Corned beef for our Monday night bible study where we also ate roast duck, beef bourguignon, chips, roast potatoes, green beans, salad, salmon and cream cheese canapes, kumara soup and chocolate cake.

Tuesday: Spicy chicken with chutney on rice

Wednesday: Panfried gurnurd, roast potatoes and kumara, salad.

Thursday: Roasted vegetable salad with couscous and curried dressing.

Friday: Toia cooked pumpkin soup.

Saturday: Lin Chu's pork salad baskets (recipe sent to me by my wonderful friend Anna Richdale)
Let me know what you've been eating or have planned for the coming week.

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