Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's been cooking - 18 April 2010

Menu planning rocks. We've eaten so many good meals this week and it's been no stress because I've known exactly what I've needed to do each day to get dinner ready.

This week we've eaten one vegetarian meal as well as one chicken, two fish and three beef. I'm trying to change our dinner habits so we eat more fish, vegetarian and chicken meals rather than red meat. 

However, I'm still having trouble tracking down organic chicken in Hamilton, which is why we only ate chicken once this week. If anyone knows where to find organic chicken breasts, please tell me. I'm down to one frozen organic chicken, which I'll roast for Tuesday's dinner and then use the leftovers for Wednesday's dinner and some lunches.

Here's what we ate this week.

Three-cheese stuffed peppers. I love this recipe so much I had to make it again.

Monday: Pan-fried gurnurd with sweet corn, broccoli and tomato. The fish was amazing! I think gurnurd is my new favourite.

Tuesday: Stir-fry beef with udon noodles.

Wednesday: Apricot chicken on rice with crunchy bean salad.

Thursday: Shepherd's pie featuring zucchini and tomatoes from my garden and served with a side of green beans also from my garden.

Friday: Spicy beef casserole on kumara, potato and mustard mash served with steamed vegetables and pumpkin seeds. Scones with berry jam for dessert.

Saturday: Pan-fried tarakihi with home-made fries and crunchy bean salad.

I'm keen to hear what others have been cooking. Please use the comments box below to write in your menus or link up to a menu on your website.

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