Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's been cooking - 11 April 2010

I've been sick with a cold all this week so it hasn't been the greatest one for me cooking. I've been very blessed though; My sister-in-law, Mandy, cooked one meal, Paul has cooked two dinners and our flatmate, Toia, has cooked one. Here's what we ate:

Sunday: Tuna pasta bake packed full of veges.

Monday: Takeaways from Scoff. Steak on mash with peas and a Vegetable couscous medley.

Tuesday: Chicken tikka masala made with an Asian Home Gourmet packet, tomatoes and zucchinis from my garden, red lentils, light coconut milk and free range chicken. Served on Basmati rice.

Wednesday: Steak on mashed potatoes and kumara with a warm tomato zucchini salsa

Thursday: Spaghetti Bolognese

Friday: Free range chicken drumsticks in cranberry sauce on quinoa. 

Saturday: Fajitas filled with rump steak, onion, red and green capsicums, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and avocado. For dessert we had diced peaches with custard.

I'd love to hear what you've been eating, or what your menu plan for next week is. Use the comment box below to link up to your blog or fill out what's been cooking in your house.


  1. Full marks for presentation!

  2. Emma, I love reading your food posts. I just wanted to know - what is your view on processed flour? Not cakes and such, but white pasta, bread, etc., and white rice as well. I've been trying to replace it with wholemeal pasta/brown rice but I really do love linguini and basmati you have any links from past posts about this? Or just a quick pov statement? x


    1. Hi Maria, thanks for your question. I struggle with the same thing actually. We still mostly have basmati rice but now I soak it for several hours first and then cook it in chicken stock to make it mire nutritious. Brown rice or another colored rice would be better though. As for pasta, there's not much point buying wholemeal because the grains aren't soaked prior to processing so they're too difficult to digest. I still have whit pasta from time to time, but am looking for more recipes that use other grains like quinoa and millet instead, or no grains at all. You could try making your own linguini with spelt flour or something else. Check out online if there are any recipes for soaked or sprouted pasta.

      I hope this helps!

    2. Oh and for bread check out how to make sourdough because that seems to be the best form for us to digest and get the benefits of the wholegrains


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