Friday, April 23, 2010

Food for thought Fridays - It's raining fruit!

We've been blessed with an abundance of fruit this week. I found apples for 99c per kilo at the supermarket so bought up large there. Then our flatmate Toia came home from a weekend away with another bag of apples she'd bought at the markets.

And then my friend Tash came over with two bags of feijoas and a huge bag of apples and nashi pears.

Wow! We've been eating heaps of fruit fresh this week, but I've also been busy peeling, coring, stewing, mashing and freezing apples and feijoas for future use with L and baking. 

I figure if I set fruit aside now while it's cheap/free, I'll save loads of time and money over winter when pickings are sparse. It also means I get to freeze the fruit when it's at its prime, rather than buying out of season refrigerated fruit later in the year, or worse yet, buying fruit that has been shipped thousands of miles to get to me.

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